The Facebook obsession with baby documentation.

Don’t get me wrong… it is absolutely fine to post pictures of your kids on Facebook. But there are limits to this exposure and I sometimes wonder if people should just enjoy their moments privately, instead of relentlessly rushing to click the Upload button. 

A daft little cartoon. Reflective of the future? 

When a few photos turns chillingly into ‘The Spawn Chronicles’ and Peter’s every move, every nappy deposit, facial expression and cognitive progression is documented, I’m quivering over the ‘unfollow’ button. Screw that actually, I’ve already pressed it.

People care. But they don’t care about your own child as much as you.

I’m not being mean, I just think this excessive documentation is unnecessary and unhealthy. 

Had me thinking that the next move may consist of babies having Facebook profiles whilst they’re still floating in amniotic fluid.

Just a thought.. 

‘I haven’t seen its face yet book?’

Get on that, Zuckerberg.

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